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5015T Power Designs DC Power Supply

The 5015T is a 50 V, 1.5 A DC power supply from Power Designs. Supplies DC Voltage and Current to test, design, and troubleshoot electric and electronic circuits. Applications include Burn In, QA, ATE, Research, Design, and Education to name a few.

Additional Features:

  • Output: 0-50 VDC, continuously adjustable, 0-1.5 Amps
  • Regulation: Better than 0.01%, or 3 MV, whichever is greater, for line-voltage variations of +/-10% or 100% changes in rated load
  • Ripple and noise: Les than 250 U V rms at 60 Hz line: less than 500 U V rms at 400 Hz line
  • Temperature Coefficient: 0.02% plus 2 MV per °C.
  • Stability: Better than 0.01% plus 5 MV per 8 hours after warm-up, at constant line, load, and ambient temperature
  • Operating Temperatures range: 0 degree C to 60°C
  • Recovery Time: Less than 30 microseconds to return within regulation limits after a step change (1-microsecond rise time) in rated load of 10 to 100% or 100 to 10%
  • Source Impedance: Less than 0.003Ω at DC, 0.15 ohm at 100 kHz, 1.5 ohms at 1 MHz
  • Programming resistance: 150 ohms per volt nominal
  • Front-panel output terminals: Three insulated binding posts are provided for positive output, negative output, and chassis ground. Either output terminal may be grounded or the output may be left floating
  • Rear-Panel Output Terminals: Screw terminals are provided on a phenolic terminal strip for positive output, negative output, remote voltage programming, and positive and negative sensing
  • Input Power: 105-125 V, 55-440 Hz, 1 phase 130W
  • Continuously adjustable output voltage with coarse and fine controls; resolution of 10 MV.
  • Continuously adjustable current limiting
  • Remote sensing
  • Remote programming
  • Automatic dissipation-limit control of internal power transistors
  • Series or parallel operation
  • Front and rear output terminals
  • All silicon semiconductors 
  • Modular construction permits multiple-unit rack mounting
  • As many as three supplies may be mounted in a standard 8 3/4" x 19" rack
  • Finish: Portable steel cabinet finished in blue vinyl enamel

The Power Designs Model 5015T is a stable DC power source designed for laboratory, industrial, and electronic-system applications. Coarse and fine controls provide continuous adjustment over the entire output voltage range. A self-indicating current limiter permits output current control from zero to the maximum supply capability. Internal circuitry completely protects the instrument from overloads and short circuits. Rear terminals are provided for external voltage programming and remote sensing. Design simplicity results in a portable instrument with high reliability under severe service conditions.

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