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5248L Agilent Frequency Counter

The 5248L is a Frequency Counter from Agilent. When an engineer needs a piece of electronic test equipment that will accurately measure frequency, he or she uses a frequency counter. Frequency counters measure a repetitive electronic signal’s oscillations per second. This tool uses a frequency counter, which analyzes the number of oscillations or pulses in a specific time. There are frequency counters designed for radio and microwave frequencies, depending on the application.

Adiitional Features:

  • Frequency range is DC to 150 MHz with measurement functions of frequency, period, period average, ratio, and scaling.
  • For superior accuracy, this model incorporates a 1 MHz internal oscillator with an aging rate of <2x10E-07/mo.

The Agilent 5248L Electronic Counter Mainframe offers high performance and extremely high reliability proven from over forty million hours of field operation. This is a general purpose counter providing unmatched versatility by utilizing a wide selection of Agilent 5245-Series plug-ins (sold separately). 

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