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530 North Atlantic Standard



  • 0.0001° Resolution
  • Accuracy to 2 Arc Second
  • Isolated Inputs and Outputs

The North Atlantic 530 Standard Synchro/Resolver provides the user with the ability to generate the electrical shaft position of either a synchro or resolver with a very high degree of accuracy. When connected to either a 26 or 115 Vrms reference excitation, the model 530 provides switch selectable line to line outputs of 11.8, 26, or 90 Vrms in either the synchro or resolver mode. This instrument is designed to provide full 2 arc second accuracy at the operating frequency of 400 Hz and may be used with reduced accuracy up to 1600 Hz. Accuracy is maintained for all angles over the range of 0 to 359.9999 degrees with a resolution of .0001 degree.

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ManufacturerNorth Atlantic
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