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53150A Agilent Frequency Counter


The 53150A is a Frequency Counter from Agilent.

Additional Features:

  • Ultra-wideband, single input from 50 MHz to 20 GHz
  • Simultaneous frequency and power measurement with analog peaking indicator
  • Rugged, lightweight design for field use
  • Optional battery operation, oven timebase, and soft carrying case
  • GPIB and RS-232 interfaces standard

The Agilent 53150A is a full-featured 20 GHz, CW microwave counter and power meter that is perfectly suited for bench top or ATE environments, yet is tough enough to handle the most rugged field applications. It offers high performance with an ultra-wideband input that covers the RF and microwave spectrum from 50 MHz to 20 GHz. Frequency and power are measured simultaneously with this same input.

Convenience, Portability and Outstanding Performance
The innovative designs of the Agilent HP 53150A microwave counters offer an uncluttered, feature-laden front panel. These designs present no-compromise performance and quality in a surprisingly small, light, batteryoperated product.

The Convenience of a Single Microwave Input
The Agilent HP 53150A has an advanced sampler that integrates a separate zero bias Schottky diode for the accurate measurement of input power. This allows measurement of both frequency and power with a single connection. No compromise in frequency coverage is required for this capability. The ultrawideband microwave input covers the entire RF and microwave spectrum, from intermediate frequencies (IFs) of 50 MHz to millimeter waves.

The power measurement accuracy and repeatability of these counters rivals power meters with diode sensors. Since frequency and power of the input signal are measured simultaneously, adjustment for the diode’s frequency response is done automatically. And like the latest in diode sensors, compensation is also made for deviation from square law.

Field Tough but Ready for Benchtop or ATE Applications
The Agilent HP 53150A is as comfortable in the field as in the laboratory. The rugged case with an integrated tilting handle can tolerate the vibration and shock expected in field use. The backlit LCD display ensures visibility in all environments, from dark to full sunlight, at distances exceeding 15 feet.

If ac power is unavailable, the internal, replaceable camcorder batteries provide at least 2.5 hours of continuous operation. The unit can also be powered from an external 11-18 Vdc source.

For benchtop and ATE applications, the Agilent HP 53150A delivers full functionality and high measurement speed. The fully programmable RS-232 interface and high speed HP-IB interface are standard features.

No Compromise Performance
The Agilent HP 53150A Series offers exceptional sensitivity by utilizing a single board design with low phase noise PLL circuitry. Despite their simple appearance, these counters retain all the powerful functions one expects in precision instrumentation: measurement averaging, arbitrary as well as nulling offsets for both frequency and power, display of power in either dBm or Watts.

Additional capabilities include full control of resolution, sampling rate, and HP-IB address plus extensive self-diagnostics, fast acquisition times and full programmability. Performance surpasses the industry standard Agilent HP 5350 Series, in virtually every aspect, in a package less than half the weight and size.

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