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5370B HP Frequency Counter


The 5370B is a Frequency Counter from Agilent.


  • 20 ps single-shot least significant digit (LSD) time interval measurement
  • Versatile arming allows extensive choices of measurement times and modes
  • User-defined time reference
  • Statistical functions help characterize jitter
  • Frequency range of .1 Hz to 100 MHz.

The Agilent HP 5370B offers unsurpassed single-shot resolution and a microprocessor-based design for versatile measurement and complete statistical characterization capabilities. The exceptional single shot resolution is achieved by a unique phase-lockable-phase-startable oscillator, used with a digital vernier interpolation scheme that eliminates the ± count quantization error present in most time-interval counters. Statistical functions include mean, maximum, minimum, and standard deviation within the selected sample size.

The Agilent HP 5370B allows both positive and negative time interval measurements that are useful for differential phase measurement. Other features include automatic calibration of systematic errors and easy display of triggers. Performance, automation, and ease of use make this counter the premier time interval measurement counter for applications in component testing, radar/laser ranging, nuclear systems, calibrations labs, computer peripherals testing, digital communications (jitter analysis), and IC tester verification.

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