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5450A Fluke Calibrator

The 5450A is a calibrator from Fluke. Electronic calibrations are necessary for maintaining your equipment for general monitoring and testing purposes. Calibrators enable you to solve problems with your equipment on your own, on site.

Addtional Features:

  • 17 Standard resistors in one enclosure; decade values from 1.0 ohm to 100 Mohms, 1.9 multiples from 1.9 ohms to 19 Mohms
  • True passive resistors for low noise and offset
  • Midband accuracy of 8 ppm
  • 4-wire or 2-wire operation
  • Easy data entry for test lead compensation, Automatic meter error calibration, and HP-IB programmable

 The 5450A Resistance Calibrator is designed to verify the resistance-measuring accuracy of precision multimeters, either manually or as part of an automated calibration process. It compliments the 5440A and 5442A Direct Voltage Calibrators.

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