54651A Agilent Module


The 54651A is a module from Agilent. This module is used with Agilent oscilloscopes to provide more measurement capabilities.

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Additional Features:

  • 60 to 500 MHz, up to 2GSa/s
  • Unique 2 + 16-channel MSO and 2- or 4-channel models
  • 4MB to 8MB MegaZoom deep memory standard
  • Patented high-definition display system
  • Flexible triggering including CAN, I2C, LIN, SPI, and USB
  • Deep memory transfer over the interface bus

This Oscilloscope accessory provides full remote control and hard copy output to RS-232 printers and plotters. The module supports printers that are Epson FX-80 or HP-PCL compatible. This Oscilloscopes can help you easily see more of what's going on in your designs.

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