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5500A-COIL Fluke Accessory Kit


The 5500A-COIL is a 50 Turn Current Coil accessory kit from Fluke.


  • Number of Terms: 50
  • Maximum Current: 11A RMS, continuouos; 20A RMS, 2 minutes
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: <11A, continuous
  • Derating: >11A, 2 minutes ON, 8 minutes OFF
  • Maximum Voltage: 3V rms

The 50 Turn 5500A/COIL is used as a tool for calibrating clamp type current meters that operate by two different principles -- as current transformers (AC only), and by the Hall Effect (Both AC and DC). It is impractical to calibrate 1000A rated current clamp meters using a 1000A source. However, by using the 50 turns of the 5500A/COIL in conjunction with a current calibrator you can effectively multiply the current of the current calibrator by a factor of 50 to support the calibration and verification of these clamp-on current meters.

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