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562 Wiltron Network Analyzer

The 562 is a 40 GHz Network Analyzer from Wiltron. A network analyzer is a powerful instrument that measures linear characteristics of radio frequency devices with unparalleled accuracy. A range of industries use network analyzers to test equipment, measure materials, and monitor the integrity of signals.

Additional Features:

  • 10 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Crisp clear high resolution display
  • 76 dB dynamic range, -60 dBm sensitivity
  • full compatibility with Wiltron and HP sources
  • Accurate DC detection
  • Direct Plotter and printer output
  • Synthesised step sweep with Wiltron 6700A

Wiltron 562 network analyzers utilize synthesized-frequency sources to provide a known test stimulus that can sweep across a range of frequencies or power levels. Wiltron 562 network analyzers also can perform ratioed measurements (including phase), which require multiple receivers. The Wiltron 562 can provide a wealth of knowledge about a device under test (DUT), including its magnitude, phase, and group-delay response.

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