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5626-15-B Fluke Thermometer

The 5626-15-B is a thermometer from Fluke.
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  • Ranges to 1,221.8°F (661°C)
  • Meets all ITS-90 requirements for resistance ratios
  • RTP drift < 20mK after 500 hours at 661°C
  • Calibrated accuracy of ±0.006°C at 0°C


  • Fluke 5626-15-B Secondary Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) with Bare wire, 15 x 0.25in, 100Ω


  • Temperature Range: -328 to 1,221.8°F (-200 to 661°C)
  • Handle Temperature: 32 to 176°F (0 to 80°C)
  • RTPW: 100Ω (±1Ω)
  • Resistance Ratio W(Ga): W(302.9146K) ≥ 1.11807 α ≥ 0.003925
  • Calibrated Accuracy (Includes Calibration And 100-Hour Drift) (k=2): ±0.006°C at -200°C; ±0.006°C at 0°C; ±0.015°C at 420°C; ±0.022°C at 661°C
  • Stability: ±0.003°C
  • Long-Term Drift (k=2): < 0.006°C/100 hours at 661°C
  • Immersion: At least 5in (12.7cm) recommended
  • Sheath: Inconel 600
  • Lead Wires: 4-wire Super-Flex PVC, 22AGW
  • Termination: Gold-plated spade lugs, or specify
  • Size: 0.25 x 12, 15 or 20in (6.35 x 305, 381 or 508mm) standard, custom lengths available

The Fluke 5626-15-B is a thermometer. High-temp secondary standards fill the gap between temperature-limited secondary PRTs (platinum resistance thermometers) and highly accurate SPRTs (standard platinum resistance thermometers).

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