602 BK Precision Battery Analyzer

The 602 is a Battery Analyzer from BK Precision. Battery analyzers are a type of electronic testing equipment that tests the condition of a variety of batteries. Battery analyzers test equipment including lead-acid batteries, security system batteries, and emergency floodlight system batteries. They are ideal for monitoring, performance measurement, and maintaining batteries in the automotive, maintenance, telecommunications, field service, and uninterruptable power supply manufacturing industries.

Additional Features:

  • Works with 24V and 36V (42V) lead acid batteries
  • Settable AH from 1 to 100 in 1AH steps
  • Powered by the battery being tested

The BK Precision 602 24 & 36V (42V) SLA Battery Capacity Analyzer tests Lead Acid Batteries and displays the batteries stored charge capacity as a percentage and displays both the loaded and un-loaded battery voltage. The 602 can also display the battery under test’s internal resistance. These units identify batteries, which may be defective or deteriorated.

The BK 602 is a perfect tool for testing battery back up systems for emergency lighting, alarm, sprinkler systems, UPS devices and any system using lead acid batteries to provide power.

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