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6171 Keithley Coaxial Adapter

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The 6171 is a coaxial adapter from Keithley.

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Additional Features:

  • Male 3-slot to female 2-lug triaxial adapter
  • Working Voltage: 500V peak center conductor to inner shield; 500V peak center conductor and inner shield to outer shell
  • Max Working Current: 1A peak
  • Operating Environment: 0° C to 50° C, up to 70% RH at ≤ 35° C
  • Contact Resistance: <0.5Ω
  • Insulation Resistance: 10 Ω, center conductor to inner shield (500V test voltage, 23°C @ <40% RH)

The Keithley Model 6171 is a male 3-slot to female 2-lug triaxial adapter. The 6171 can be used to connect cables terminated with a 2-slot male triaxial connector (such as the Model 6011) to equipment having 3-lug female triaxial jacks.

The outer shell of the triaxial connector is for protection from voltages on the center and inner shield conductors. Make sure the outer shell is always connected to earth ground or a properly grounded chassis.

Never touch or change the connections when power is applied to the adapter. Always turn off test system power and discharge all capacitors before connecting or disconnecting the adapter.

To prevent voltages from being exposed or connections from shorting together, make sure both ends of the adapter are properly connected before applying voltage.

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