6261B HP DC Power Supply


Additional Features:

  • Regulation of .01%
  • CV/CC operation
  • Built-in overvoltage protection
  • Remote programming
  • Remote sensing
  • Auto-series parallel and tracking operation

The Agilent HP 6260B Series employs a series-regulator/triac-preregulator circuit to achieve high efficiency, excellent regulation, low ripple and noise, and moderate programming speeds in a compact full-rack width package.

More Information
ManufacturerAgilent, HP, Keysight
Current50 A
Voltage20 V
Power1 kW
00550Hz AC Input
009Ten-turn Output Voltage and Current Controls
010Chassis Slides
016115 Vac ±10% Single-Phase Input
022Voltage and Programming Adjust
026115 Vac ±10% Single-Phase Input
027208 Vac ±10% Single-Phase Input
028230 Vac ±10% Single-Phase Input
040Resistance Programming Interface (Includes Option 022)