6264A HP DC Power Supply


Additional Features:

  • Voltage: 18V
  • Current: 20A
  • Power: 400W

The Agilent HP 6264A Power Supply is a Harrison LVR Series supply. This unit is versatile and compact and is designed for both lab and system use. The unit has Auto-Series, Auto-Parallel and Auto-Tracking operation, remote programming, remote error sensing, continuously variable voltage and current adjustments, CC/CV with automatic crossover, and coarse and fine controls on the front panel. It is rated at 0 to 18 VDC @ 0 to 20 amps with 0.02% regulation and is metered.

More Information
ManufacturerAgilent, HP, Keysight
Current20 A
Voltage18 V
Power400 W
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