63630-600-15 Chroma DC Electronic Load Module


Additional Features:

  • Three Current Ranges Per Load
  • Max. Power: 300W
  • 600V
  • 15A
  • Derated Current to 10mV
  • Constant Impedance Mode
  • USB, GBIP, Ethernet
  • Digitized Volt & Current Readback (2µs sampling)


  • Adapter
  • Sever Power Supply
  • Mother Board
  • Solar Cell Module
  • Battery
  • Fuel Cell
  • Power Supply

The Chroma 63630-600-15 DC Load Module is designed for testing multi-output AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, chargers, batteries, adapters, and power electronic components. It is excellent for research, development, production, and incoming inspection applications.

The load module's state of the art design uses DSP technology to simulate non-linear loads using an unique CZ operation mode allowing realistic loading behavior. The Chroma 63630-600-15 DC Load Module can draw its full rated current to almost zero volts. This unique feature guarantees the best loading performance for fuel cells and modern Point-of-Load devices.

More Information
Current15 A
Voltage600 V
Power300 W
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