63640-150-60 Chroma DC Electronic Load Module


Additional Features:

  • 150V/60A/400W
  • Full master/slave paralleling between all load modules when increased power is needed
  • Derated Current to 10mV
  • User-Defined Waveforms (UDW) via DAQ’s, function generators, etc. to simulate specific current profiles and complex waveforms
  • Digitizing Function for recording transients in voltage and current waveforms
  • Constant Impedance Mode
  • USB, GBIP, Ethernet
  • Digitized Volt & Current Readback (2µs sampling)


  • Adapter
  • Sever Power Supply
  • Mother Board
  • Solar Cell Module
  • Battery
  • Fuel Cell
  • Power Supply

Increased Programmability for multiple applications:

  • 100 Programmable ‘Steps’
  • Slew Rates: .0001A/usec  to  10A/usec
  • Timing Function:  for example, setting  voltage and time-out values for battery discharge testing and similar applications
  • Dynamic Sweep Function (for testing ATX power supplies)

The Chroma 63640 electronic load mainframe accepts the user-installable 63600 series load modules for easy system configuration. All modules on the mainframe share a common GPIB address to synchronize and speed up the control of the load modules and read back the operating data.

Chroma's 63600 Series Programmable Electronic Load integrates micro-processing capability into each load module to optimize the speed and control among multiple load modules. All load modules are configured to work independently, though testing can be carried out simultaneously at multiple outputs via remote control to simulate real life application.

More Information
Current60 A
Voltage150 V
Power400 W
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