650 WaveTek Generator


Additional Features:

  • 0.005 Phase Accuracy at Low Frequencies
  • 2 or 4 Channels
  • Up to 40 Channels Cascadeable
  • Flexible Phase and Frequency Sweep Modes
  • High Accuracy Output up to 50Vp-p
  • Sine Square: 0.1 MHz to 2 MHz
  • Ramp Triangle: 0.1 mHz to 200 kHz
  • Resolution: 10 digits or 0.1 mHz
  • IEEE-488 Interface

The WaveTek 650 Variable Phase Synthesizer represents the ultimate in variable phase generator design. It combines superb phase accuracy (0.005° at low frequencies), synthesizer frequency accuracy, high output amplitude capability (up to 50 V p-p) and excellent stability. These features allow it to work in any lab. Since it’s completely IEEE-488 programmable, has two channel outputs (expandable to 4 channels) and cascades as many as ten Model 650's (40 channels), it’ll do whatever you want. It generates sine and square waves from 0 .1 mHz to 2 MHz and ramp and triangle waves from 0.1 mHz to 200 kHz.

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