67C Bird Wattmeter

The 67C is a wattmeter from Bird. The Bird 6154 Termaline RF Wattmeter that is designed to measure RF power under non-radiating conditions. The wattmeter is built around an accurate 50 ohm coaxial load resistor which becomes the transmitter load element, providing a practically reflectionless line termination from 25 to 1000 MHz. Power input to the load resistor is measured by a four-range crystal voltmeter reading directly in watts (5/15/50/150 W). A toggle switch determines the scale.

Additional Features:

  • 100-500-2500 W Water cooled (250W dry)
  • 50 to 500 MHz frequency range (load),
  • ±5% Supplied with a Type N input connector

The 67C RF Absorption Wattmeter boasts a low VSWR (< 1.1) over the rated frequency range.

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