6970 Marconi RF Power Meter


Additional Features:

  • Wide frequency range: 30 kHz to 46 GHz
  • Hand-held for portability
  • Battery powered for field use
  • Analog bargraph
  • Excellent accuracy traceable to National
  • Standards
  • Power levels from -70 dBm (100 pW) to +44 dBm (25W)
  • Internal power reference
  • Audible Pass/Fail limits alarm
  • Rugged case
  • Four digit display

The 6970 RF Power Meter provides precision microwave power measurements in a hand portable battery-powered package. A wide range of user features, including duty cycle, relative power measurements and limit checking make the 6970 Power Meter highly versatile. The same wide range of power sensors used with the IFR 6960 PowerMeters and the 6200B series Microwave Test Set are used by the 6970.

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