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70420A Agilent Test Set

The 70420A is a test set from Agilent. An electronic equipment test set is the tool engineers use for easy, accurate characterization of radiofrequency components. These test sets are devices that enable the measurement of important electronic parameters, displaying them clearly on easy-to-read defined displays.

Additional Features:

  • Low Frequency Input Range: 50 kHz to 1.6 GHz
  • High Frequency Input Range (w/ opt. 201): 1.2 GHz to 26 GHz
  • Low Frequency R Input Power: 0 dBm to +23 dBm
  • High Frequency R Input Power (w/ opt. 201): 0 dBm to +5 dBm
  • Low Frequency L Input Power: +15 dBm to +23 dBm
  • High Frequency L Input Power (w/ opt. 201): +7 dBm to +10 dBm

The Agilent 70420A is a MMS Baseband Phase Noise Test Set Module that contains phase detectors and phase-lock loop circuitry. The Agilent 70420A Phase Noise Test Set is the primary 4-slot component of the Agilent E5500 series Phase Noise Test System: E5501A, E5502A, E5503A, E5504A, E5501B, E5502B, E5503B, E5504B(predecessor of the Agilent N5500A phase noise test system). The frequency range of the 70420A is 50 kHz to 1.6 GHz.

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