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7056 Keithley Switch Card

The 7056 is a switch card from Keithley.

Additional Features:

  • 20- or 10-channel scanner configuration
  • 1-pole in 20-channel mode, 2-pole in 10-channel mode
  • Screw terminal connections on quick disconnect card

The Keithley 7056 is a cost-effective and versatile solution to relay switching applications. Each channel of the card has two Form A (SPNO) contacts. The switch may be wired for either 2-pole or 1-pole switching through the selection of the appropriate output. In 1-pole operation, channels HI and LO operate as independent, isolated inputs, thereby effectively doubling the number of input channels. With this card, even and odd numbered channels cannot be closed at the same time in the 20-channel mode.

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