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7076-RMTC Keithley Cable


The 7076-RMTC is a cable from Keithley.

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Additional Features: 

  • High-Isolation, Mass Terminated Assembly Shielded cable
  • 25-pin D connector to 25-pin D connector
  • 3m, 10 ft.
  • For use with: 7075 Row

The Keithley Model 7076-RMTC is a High isolation 3m (10 ft.) cable assembly with mass terminated connector on each end. For use as row connections on the 7075 and 7076. A separate guard shields each HI signal path. The number of cable assemblies required depends on how the 7075 or 7076 is configured.
This cable is commonly cut at a convenient length to provide two separate cables. The cables can then be used to connect to both COLUMN receptacles. The unterminated ends of the cables can then be connected to instrumentation and DUTs.

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