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7320 Guildline Current Shunt

The 7320 is a current shunt from Guildline. In electronic test equipment, a current shunt is a device that creates a low resistance path to allow electric current to pass around a certain point in the circuit. Current shunts can verify and calibrate process control loops.

Additional Features:

  • Nominal Value (Ohms):  0.1 Ohm
  • Accuracy to ± 100 ppm
  • Four terminal design
  • Non-inductive
  • Wide bandwidth: DC-100 kHz
  • 1 Year stability <200 ppm
  • Temp. Coeff.: <10 ppm/0C

The accurate measurement of AC current up to 25 amperes and at frequencies up to 100 kHz is possible using the 7320 shunts and an accurate AC voltmeter.The lower value shunts (below 10 Ohm), may also be used as burdens for current transformers, making the measurement of high currents possible.  The shunts can be placed in AC current circuits where the phase relationships between currents or voltages is desired. These shunts are also valuable when making AC power and energy measurements using wattmeters or watthour meters.  

The very small phase shift due to the shunts makes accurate high-frequency power measurements possible. As a result of the very small phase shift across the shunts, the output voltage of the shunts faithfully reproduces the current waveform even under badly distorted or pulsed current conditions. This makes the shunts useful when examining complex and distorted current waveforms. Additionally, the shunts are effective in many other classical measurement, standards, or calibration laboratory applications.

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