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742A-1 Fluke Standard


The 742A-1 is a used Resistance Standard from Fluke. Engineers use direct current (DC) voltage standards to calibrate, standardize, normalize, and monitor drift, verify linearity, and establish regulation in electronic equipment. Standards are important during electronics compliance testing. Phase angle standards are ideal for calibrating many different electronics, including power analyzers, vector voltmeters, phase meters, phase sensitive instruments, and resolvers.

Additional Features:

  • Convenient air resistors don’t require oil or air baths
  • Calibrate resistance thermometers and other devices
  • Easily transported for on-site resistance calibration

The Fluke 742A Series covers values from 1 ohm all the way to 10 megohm. These are the finest-quality air resistors you can buy. They’re durable, easy to maintain, and easy to use.

Their excellent temperature stability allows them to be used from 18°C to 28°C with typically less than 2 ppm degradation. Using the calibration table supplied with the standards, which lists corrections in 0.5°C increments, this uncertainty can be reduced to near zero.

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