7600 QuadTech Impedance Analyzer

The 7600 is an impedance analyzer from QuadTech. Electrical impedance analyzers enable the measurement and monitoring of the opposition to current in AC, or alternating current, systems. Impedance refers to how the chemical or physical properties interact with voltages and currents, or how well a component passes current. Use an impedance analyzer to test equipment such as capacitors, inductors, and resistors.

Addtional Features:

  • Frequency Range 10 Hz to 2 MHz
  • 0.05% Basic Measurement Accuracy
  • 7 Digit Measurement Resolution
  • Programmable Test Voltage and Current
  • Auto Ranging
  • Test Setup and Measurement Data Storage
  • Four-Terminal Kelvin Connections
  • Graphical and Tabular Display
  • Load Correction
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