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7705 Keithley Switch Card


The 7705 (NEW) is a switch card from Keithley.

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Additional Features:

  • 300V, 2A capacity
  • Two 50-pin female D-sub connectors are standard for secure hook-up and quick teardown
  • Relay closures stored in onboard memory
  • Accessories supplied: Two mating connectors with solder cup (Model 7788)


  • Maximum Signal Level: 300VDC or rms, 2A switched, 60W (DC, resistive), 125VA (AC, resistive)
  • Contact Life: No Load*: 10.8 closures; At Maximum Signal Levels: 10.5 closures-*1 Minimum signal level 10mV, 10μA
  • Channel Resistance (per conductor): <1W
  • Contact Potential: ≤4μV per contact.
  • Offset Current: <100pA
  • Actuation Time: 3ms
  • Isolation: Channel to Channel: >10.9Ω, <50pF; Common Mode: >10.9Ω, <100pF
  • Crosstalk: (1MHz, 50Ω load): <–35dB
  • Insertion Loss (50Ω source, 50Ω load): <0.3dB below 1MHz, <3dB below 10MHz
  • Common Mode Voltage: 300V between any terminal and chassis


  • Relay Switch Configuration: 40 independent channels of 1-pole switching. Isolated from internal DMM
  • Contact Configuration: 1 pole Form A
  • Relay Type: Latching electromechanical
  • Connector Type: Two 50-pin female D-sub connectors
  • Firmware: Specified for Model 2700 rev. A01, 2701 rev. A01, and 2750 rev. A01 or higher


  • Operating Environment: Specified for 0°C to 50°C; Specified to 80% R.H. at 35°C
  • Storage Environment: –25°C to 65°C
  • Weight: 0.45kg (1 lb)

The Keithley 7705 plug-in module offers 40 channels of independent switching. These channels are designed to control power to the DUT and switching loads. They can also directly control light indicators, relays, etc.

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