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8101-4TRX Keithley Fixture


The 8101-4TRX is a fixture from Keithley. A fixture is a kind of electronic test equipment that continuously runs tests on a piece of equipment. Fixtures test electronic components, circuits, chips, and software. Engineers use fixtures to hold the equipment under test (EUT) in place and run tests using controlled electronic signals.

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 Additional Features:

  • 4-pin test fixture
  • For use with Series 2600B, Models 4200-SCS and 6482, and any 40V rated triaxial instrument


  • Device Socket Configuration: 4-pin gold plated, Teflon transistor socket.
  • Connector Type: 4 independent Triax connectors, center pin to device socket, no connect to guard (center shield).
  • Maximum Signal Voltage: 42V peak, signal or guard to any signal or chassis
  • Maximum Signal Current: 1.05A peak
  • Maximum Signal Power: 1W, maximum power dissipation in test fixture
  • Offset Current: 1pA maximum. (0-50°C, non-condensing at 60% R.H. up to 35°C)
  • Path Isolation Resistance: >1TΩ typical. (18-28°C, non-condensing at 60% R.H.)
  • Path Resistance: <1Ω
  • Socket Lead Diameter: 0.41mm/0.016" to 0.51mm/0.020"

General Specifications

  • Operating Environment: 0°C to 50°C, non-condensing at 60% R.H. up to 35°C
  • Storage Environment: -20°C to +70°C
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • EMC: N/A, no active parts
  • Safety: Conforms to European Union Directive 73/23/EEC EN61010-1, CAT I
  • Vibration: MIL-PRF-28800F Class 3, Random
  • Dimensions: 94.5(3.72) L x 87.6 (3.45) W x 55.6 (2.19) H mm(in)
  • Net Weight: 5.7oz
  • Shipping Weight: 1lb.

The 8101-4TRX test fixture is a metal case with four female triaxial connectors (SMU1–4) and a latch on the outside. Inside the test fixture is one 4-pin device holder (transistor socket). The inner conductor of each triax connector is wired to the closest pin on the 4-pin device holder. The inner shield of the triax connectors are “no connects.” The triax connectors’ outer shield is connected to the test fixture’s metal case.

NOTE: It is safe to use the test fixture without an additional safety barrier if the connected instrument has a Safety Interlock that can disable any high voltage ranges capable of sourcing greater than 42V, such as the Keithley Model 4200.

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