81110A Agilent Pulse Generator

The 81110A is a used Pulse Generator from Agilent. A pulse generator is a piece of electronic test equipment that engineers use to generate rectangular pulses. An electromagnetic pulse generator is best for digital, not analog, circuits. Engineers can inject pulses into a piece of equipment under test as a stimulus as they test the device, using pulses to confirm the equipment’s proper operation.
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Additional Features:

  • Single/dual-channel pulse pattern generator
  • 165 MHz, 10 V, 50 Ω into 50 Ω (Agilent 81111A) OR
  • 330 MHz, 3.8 V, 50 Ω into 50 Ω (Agilent 81112A)
  • Triggerable / PLL operation selectable
  • Pulse / burst / pattern modes selectable
  • Self-cal for improved timing accuracy
  • BNC outputs: single-ended (Agilent 81111A) / differential (Agilent 81112A)

The Agilent 81110A with one or two Agilent 81111A output modules is a single/dual-channel 165 MHz Pulse Pattern Generator. In comparison to the Agilent 81104A, the 81110A offers the same performance on a wider frequency range. Delay and pulse width and repetition rate in non-PLL mode are more accurate (3% or 0.5% with self-calibration).

Alternatively, the Agilent 81110A with one or two Agilent 81112A output modules is a single/dual-channel 330 MHz Pulse Pattern Generator. Instead of variable transitions, 800 ps or 1.6 ns edges are selectable. The output impedance is 50 Ohm and provides up to 3.8 Vpp into 50 Ohm. Internal channel addition is not available.

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