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8116A Agilent Pulse Generator


The 8116A is a Pulse Generator from Agilent. A pulse generator is a piece of electronic test equipment that engineers use to generate rectangular pulses. An electromagnetic pulse generator is best for digital, not analog, circuits. Engineers can inject pulses into a piece of equipment under test as a stimulus as they test the device, using pulses to confirm the equipment’s proper operation.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency: 1 mHz to 50 MHz
  • Sine, triangle, square, haverfunctions and DC
  • 32Vpp for all waveforms
  • Variable (10 ns min) pulse width, 6 ns transitions
  • Wide range of operating capability
  • Self-prompting operating concept
  • Error recognition and self test

The Agilent 8116A is a Pulse/Function Generator that is fully programmable and features pulse as well as function generator capabilities in one small instrument. The Agilent 8116A, Pulse/Function Generator, has a 1 mHz to 50 MHz band for all waveforms and a wide choice of operating and modulating modes assures high flexibility. In normal mode its auto-vernier increments any desired parameter continuously until a stop signal is applied. This Pulse/Function Generator, offers a safety feature which prevents the output from exceeding a given magnitude. It also offers a wide range of operating capability, self-prompting operating concept, error recognition and self test, sine, triangle, square, haverfunctions and DC, variable (10 ns/min) pulse width, 6 ns transitions.

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