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81533B Agilent Optical Sensor

The 81533B is a used Optical Sensor from Agilent. Optical sensors are electronic detectors that convert light into and electrical signal. They are used with optical meters to allow engineers to design and troubleshoot optical systems.

Additional Features:

  • Single Optical Head Interface Module
  • Analog Signal Output BNC
  • Compatible with Agilent 8153, 8163, and 8164 Mainframes
  • Needed to Interface Agilent 815xxA Optical Heads

The Agilent 81533B is a Plug-in Interface module for Agilent 8153A lightwave mulitmeter mainframe to electrically interface to optical heads Agilent 81520A, 81521B, 81524A and 81525A. The Agilent 81533B interface module operates with the Agilent 815xx optical head and Agilent 8153, 8163, and 8164 mainframes. Agilent does not publish specifications for the Agilent 81533B interface module as it must always operate with an optical head and mainframe. The  Agilent 81533B module can be used with optical heads: Agilent 81520A, 81521B, 81524A, and 81525A.

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