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81570A Agilent Optical Attenuator

The 81570A is a used Optical Attenuator from Agilent. Attenuators are a type of test equipment that’s useful during Optical design. When an engineer needs to reduce (attenuate) the level of an optical signal, he or she uses an attenuator.

Additional Features:

  • High Input Power Level: 2W
  • Wavelength Flatness: < 0.05dB
  • High Attenuation Accuracy < 0.1dB
  • Repeatability < 10mdB
  • Low Signal Distortion due to low PDL, PMD, CD
  • Wide Wavelength Range: 1200nm to 1700nm (SM)
  • Built-in Shutter for Power Meter Zeroing
  • Built-in Calibration Capability

The Agilent 81570A variable optical attenuator features lowest insertion loss and excellent wavelength flatness over a complete attenuation range of 60 dB, for characterizing optical network components for telecomunication and data communication in systems.

The Agilent 81570A Variable Optical Attenuator is an instrument that attenuates and controls the optical power level of light in optical fibers. As plug-in modules for the Agilent Lightwave Solution platform (8163A/B, 8164A/B, 8166A/B) they allow you to set the attenuation factor and/or power level manually, or remotely via a common computer interface.Their high accuracy combined with their flexibility makes them ideal as test and measurement equipment for the modern telecommunication industry.

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