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8158B Agilent Optical Attenuator

The 8158B is a used Optical Attenuator from Agilent. Attenuators are a type of test equipment that’s useful during Optical design. When an engineer needs to reduce (attenuate) the level of an optical signal, he or she uses an attenuator.

Additional Features:

  • Wavelength range is 1300 to 1550 nm
  • Designed for single- and multimode fibers with NA < 0.3
  • Full HP-IB programmability
  • 60 dB attenuation range
  • 0.01 dB resolution and 0.04 dB repeatability

The Agilent 8158B Optical Attenuator is a programmable optical attenuator for single-mode or multimode optical fibers with a numerical aperture up to 0.3.

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