8160A Agilent Pulse Generator

The 8160A is a used Pulse Generator from Agilent. A pulse generator is a piece of electronic test equipment that engineers use to generate rectangular pulses. An electromagnetic pulse generator is best for digital, not analog, circuits. Engineers can inject pulses into a piece of equipment under test as a stimulus as they test the device, using pulses to confirm the equipment’s proper operation.

Additional Features:

  • A top quality programmable MATE-Approved Stimuli pulse generator
  • Repetition rate of up to 50 MHz and a 20 V output
  • Will meet all but the most demanding requirements
  • Fully operable from the front-panel or via the HP-IB interface bus and can store up to 9 setups
  • Features a period range variable from 20 nS to 999 mS
  • Delay range can be set from 0.0 nS to 999 mS
  • Double pulse range is adjustable from 20.0 nS to 999 mS
  • Pulse width can be varied between 10.0 nS to 999 mS
  • High and low output voltage ranges vary between -19.9 to 19.9 V depending on the source and load conditions
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