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83485A Agilent Fiber Optic Equipment

The 83485A is a Optical/Electrical Plug-In from Agilent.

Additional Features:

  • Wavelength range: 1000-1600 nm
  • Reference receiver capability (0.155/0.622/2.488/9.953 Gb/s)

The Agilent 83485A is a reconditioned Optical/Electrical Plug-In Module that incorporates two measurement channels, one optical and one electrical. Each channel has two selectable bandwidth settings. In the lower bandwidth modes of 12.4 GHz, oscilloscope noise performance is excellent, while the 20 GHz mode allows greater fidelity for high speed signals. The unit also is a calibrated SONET/SDH reference receiver that is measured to comply to ITU-TS (formerly CCITT) G.957 and Bellcore GR-253-CORE frequency response requirements for transmitter compliance testing. 

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