83525A Agilent Sweep Generator


The 83525A is a 8.4 GHz sweep generator from Agilent. A sweep generator is a tool engineers use to generate sinusoidal outputs while testing electronic equipment. The output will automatically have its frequency varied or swept between frequencies. A sweep is one complete cycle of a frequency variation. Engineers use sweep signal generators as test equipment, mostly to measure responses of filters, amplifiers, and electrical components.


  • Frequency range: 10 MHz to 8.4 GHz
  • Leveled power output: 20 mW
  • Frequency accuracy: ±12 MHz

The Agilent 83525B is an RF Sweep Generator Plug-in for 8350A/B mainframe. The Agilent 83525A/B cover the frequency range of 10 MHz to 8.4 GHz with excellent frequency stability, accuracy, and output power. This wide frequency range is created by automatically switching two bands together with a PIN diode switch. The lower frequency band covers 0.01-2.1 GHz which results from a heterodyne circuit. The upper frequency band is produced by a 2-8.4 GHz YIG oscillator. This 0.1 GHz frequency overlap is provided to enable smooth, narrowband sweeps around the switch point. On a full band sweep (10 MHz to 8.4 GHz) the band discontinuity at the switchpoint will be typical <8 MHz. The 83525B maintain excellent frequency parameters with a lower band accuracy within ±5 MHz and an upper band accuracy within 8 MHz. Full band frequency linearity is ±3 MHz while the lower band maintains a linearity of ±2 MHz.

The 83525A plug-in, with its extremely broad frequency range, does not sacrifice power. This plug-in provides at least +13 dBm of output power while being internally leveled to a flatness of ±1 dBm.

The 83525B plug-in provides the same outstanding specifications as the 83525A plus 45 dBc harmonics for maximum dynamic range in RF component and system measurements.

The 83525B has a Crystal Marker capability. This capability provides harmonic markers at 10 or 50 MHz intervals below 2 GHz. In addition, 1 MHz harmonic markers are available below 1 GHz with all three plug-ins. These markers may either be seen as intensity spots or amplitude dips. The x-axis intensity markers are compatible with the Agilent 8755 Swept Frequency Response Test Set. These crystal markers simplify and speed up precision frequency measurements.

The Agilent 83525B plug-in has a calibrated output power range of typically 15 dB that may be extended to >80 dB with Option 002 (70 dB attenuator). The output power level accuracy is within 1.5 dB. The front panel digital resolution enables the power to be manually set to a 0.1 dB resolution. The power may be remotely HP-IB programmed to 0.02 dB resolution.

These plug-ins also offer a variety of power functions. An innovative feature offered on these plug-ins is Power Sweep, which sweeps the output power from one level to another. With this function, power response measurements may be made in a single test. Slope compensation is provided for situations that involve lossy cables or test set ups. This function slopes the power to compensate for high frequency losses via a "Slope" control.

The Agilent 83525B is a completely programmable plug-in. This infers that the power level, power mode (Power Sweep, Slope, etc.), crystal markers and other plug-in functions may be externally controlled via the HP-IB. Programmability is a key feature for automatic test systems or production environments requiring multiple, repetitive tests.

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