8449B Agilent Preamplifier


Additional Features:

  • Sensitivity for MIL-STD radiated measurements
  • Noise Figure: 1.0-12.5 GHz - 8.5dB; 12.5-22.0 GHz - 12.5dB; 22.0-26.5 GHz - 14.5dB
  • Minimum Gain: 23.5dB
  • Gain Flatness: 1.0-26.5 GHz - ±4.5dB; 2.0-22.0 GHz ±3.5dB
  • Connector Type: ACP - 3.5 male

The Agilent 8449B is a high-gain, low-noise preamplifier that provides additional sensitivity for any RF/microwave spectrum analyzer for detection and analysis of very low signals. The improved sensitivity can dramatically reduce measurement time.

More Information
ManufacturerAgilent, HP, Keysight
Frequency26.5 Hz
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