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85130B Agilent Coaxial Adapter


The 85130B is a coaxial adapter from Agilent.

Additional Features:

  • 3.5 mm (Test Port) to 7 mm
  • For the Agilent 8510 Series s-parameter test sets

The Agilent 85130B test port adapter is designed to protect the test set port when it would be directly connected to the device under test. These adapters have a special rugged female connector designed for connecting to the network analyzer test port. This special connector will not mate with a standard male connector, but converts the rugged test set port to a connection that can be mated with the device under test. The set contains two 3.5 mm female to 7 mm adapters. The frequency range for these adapters is DC to 18 GHz with a return loss of 28 dB or better.

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