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852 WaveTek Filter


The 852 is a Filter from WaveTek. Electronic filters perform a variety of signal-processing functions with the purpose of removing a signal’s unwanted frequency components, enhance desired ones, or both. There are many types of electronic test equipment filters, including those that are passive, active, analog, digital, low pass, high pass, linear, and nonlinear. Linear filters are the most commonly used for most electronic equipment applications.

Additional Features:

  • Resolution: 3 digits
  • Dynamic Range: 90 dB
  • Low Noise

The Wavetek 852 Dual Hi/Lo Variable Filter consist of two identical filter channels contained in a common cabinet. Each filter channel has separate input/output terminals, offers high pass and low pass functions, 0 dB and 20 dB gain, Butterworth/Flat Delay responses and 3-digit resolution for cutoff frequency selection. The unit covers the cuttoff frequency range of 0.1 Hz to 111 kHz. Rolloff is 48 dB/octave/channel.

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