8540 BK Precision DC Electronic Load


The 8540 is a 150 watt DC electronic load from BK Precision. Simulate loading on an electronic circuit including power supply testing, ATE applications, LED testing, and more.

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    8542B BK Precision DC Electronic Load
    Condition: New
    Current: 30 A
    Type: Single
    Voltage: 150 V
    Power: 150 W
    Special Price $841.50 Regular Price $990.00
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    8514B BK Precision DC Electronic Load
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    Current: 240 A
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    Power: 1.5 kW

 Additional Features:

  • Operates between 0-60 VDC, 1 mA-30 A (150 W maximum)
  • Easy operation
  • Bright, easy-to-read display
  • Very compact and light weight
  • Two current ranges: 3 A (1 mA resolution) and 30 A (10 mA resolution)
  • Constant current (CC), constant resistance (CR) and constant voltage (CV) operation
  • Over-current and over-voltage protection
  • Short mode to simulate shorts
  • Save up to 400 instrument settings
  • One-Year Warranty

Included Accessories:

  • User Manual
  • Power Cord

The BK Precision 8540 DC electronic load is a very compact, economically priced instrument that is at home on both the bench and the production floor. Though this is an instrument in a small package, it can reliably test a 5 volt power supply to 30 amps and do it continuously.

The load can operate in CC, CV or CR mode while voltage/current or resistance/power values are measured and displayed in real time, making it well suited to test a variety of DC power sources. The Bk Precision 8540's performance is comparable to most full size bench DC electronic loads, yet it does the job at half the price and takes up half the space on your bench.

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