8541C Gigatronics RF Power Meter

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Additional Features:

  • Frequency range: 10 MHz-40 GHz
  • CW, modulated and peak power sensors
  • > 2000 readings/second in the Fast Buffered Mode (GPIB only)
  • 90 dB dynamic range CW sensors
  • +0.5% linearity
  • HP 438A, 437B, and 436 native emulation (GPIB only)
  • EEPROM based CAL FACTOR correction sensors
  • Modulated Average Power (MAP) mode
  • Burst Average Power (BAP) mode
  • Wide modulation bandwidth

The Giga-tronics 8541C Universal Power Meter combines accuracy, speed, range and measurement capabilities unavailable from any other power meter. Built-in features such as power sweep calibration and frequency calibration factors provide an unequaled degree of measurement accuracy.

More Information
01Rack mount Kit
02Add 256K Buffer
03Rear Panel Connectors (8541C)
04Rear Panel Connections (8542C)
062nd Analog Output
11Time Gating Measurement
13Rear Panel Sensor Connections (8541C)
14Rear Panel Sensor Connections (8542C)
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