86116C Agilent Keysight HP Analyzer

The 86116C is a module analyzer from Agilent Keysight HP.


86116C 40 To 65 GHz Optical And 80 GHz Electrical Plug-In Module

  • 40 to 65 GHz optical and 80 GHz electrical plug-in modules
  • Accurately characterize high-speed telecom signals with option 041
  • Quickly test high-speed LAN / SAN signals with option 025
  • Both options optimize sensitivity: 93 GHz characteristic electrical bandwidth, 55, 30 GHz settings for best sensitivity (0.6, 0.5 mVRMS) characteristic, for electrical input of 1.85 mm male

The Keysight 86116C optical and electrical plug-in module is one of the fastest solutions available for measuring high-speed communication signals. When paired with the 86107A precision timebase, the 86116C becomes the ideal solution for ultra high-speed avefom analysis.

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