86122A Agilent Optical Meter

The 86122A is an optical meter from Agilent. An optical spectrum analyzer, also called an optical analyzer, is a precision instrument that measures the power of an optical source. This electronic test equipment is for monitoring power distribution over a specified wavelength span. It displays the measurement in a graph, where power is the vertical scale and wavelength is the horizontal scale.

Additional Features:

  • Maximum Number of Laser Lines Input: 1000
  • Wavelength Range: 1270 – 1650 nm (182 to 236 THz)
  • Wavelength Absolute Accuracy: ±0.2 ppm (±0.3 pm at 1550 nm and 1310 nm) for laser lines separated by ≥10 GHz
  • Wavelength scan in less than 0.5sec
  • High Laser Input power: 10dBm (18dBm - Safe Input level)
  • Advanced built-in measurement applications (Drift, OSNR, Data Logging, FP Laser Characterization)
  • Built-in HeNe laser wavelength standard

The Agilent Multi-Wavelength Meter 86122A is the right, instrument to efficiently develop, manufacture and verify optical components for next generation high-speed applications, especially systems equipped with tunable transmitter laser.

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