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87104C Agilent Coax Switch

The 87104C is a coax switch from Agilent. Switches act as the interface between the equipment under test and the test instrument’s routing signals during an electronic test. Depending on their measurement needs, engineers use solid-state switches, mercury-wetted relays, armature relays, or reed relays.

Additional Features:

  • SP4T configuration
  • Magnetic latching
  • Exceptional repeatability for more than 5 million cycles
  • Excellent isolation, typically >90 dB to 26.5 GHz
  • Opto-electronic indicators and interrupts
  • Terminated ports
  • TTL/5V CMOS compatible (optional)

The Agilent 87104C multiport switch improves insertion loss repeatability and isolation, which is necessary for higher performance test systems. The repeatability and reliability of this switch is vital to ATS measurement accuracy and can cut the cost of ownership by reducing calibration cycles and increasing test system up time.

The Agilent 87104C terminated multiport switch provides the long life and reliability required for automated test and measurement, signal monitoring, and routing applications. Highly repeatable switching capability is made possible through Keysight Agilent HP's rigorous design and tight manufacturing specifications. Low insertion loss repeatability reduces sources of random errors in the measurement path, which improves measurement accuracy. 

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