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8757A Agilent Network Analyzer


The 8757A is a 60 GHz Network Analyzer from Agilent.


  • 10 MHz to 60 GHz (Detector dependent, not included)
  • 76 dB dynamic range
  • Accurate swept power measurements (dBm)
  • 40 dB directivity bridges
  • Four independent display channels
  • Limit testing built in
  • Save/recall setup and cal data
  • Direct plotter or printer output

The 8757A is a microprocessor-based receiver capable of making scaler (magnitude only) reflection and transmission measurements over a frequency range determined by the external detectors used. It has a large screen for display of measurement results. It is programmable over the Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus (HPIB). Whether or not the 8757A is controlled remotely over HPIB, it can control a specific plotter and/or source through the 8757 system interface. A measurement with the 8757A requires the connection of detector(s) and/or directional bridge(s) to the detector input on the front panel, and the use of a compatible RF/microwave source.

The 8757A is locally operated by front panel controls and by menu selection using "soft" keys adjacent to the CRT. It has four independent but identical measurement channels, allowing simultaneous viewing of up to four measurement parameters with independent resolutions. The standard instrument has three detector inputs while Option 001 (not included) has four detector inputs. The 8757A uses either AC or DC detection techniques in conjunction with its detectors. AC detection provides very stable measurements even with temperature variations and RF interference. DC detection should be used for modulation-sensitive devices (for example, non-linear amplifiers, narrow-band filters) and for devices that cannot be modulated (for example, oscillators).

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