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89640S Agilent Vector Signal Analyzer

The 89640S is a vector signal analyzer from Agilent. Engineers use signal analyzers to combine the capabilities of spectrum and vector signal analyzers. A signal analyzer is a piece of electronic test equipment that takes measurements of power, magnitude, distortion, phase noise, modulation, and demodulation quality of input signals.

Additonal Features:

  • Modular, pre-configured hardware for VXI-based vector signal analysis
  • DC to 2.7 GHz frequency range and 36 MHz of analysis bandwidth
  • Add a second channel for I/Q baseband and RF coverage in one box
  • DSP-based spectrum, vector, demodulation, and RF-scope analysis tools
  • Full access to all of the 89600 VSA software signal analysis capabilities
  • Connects to your PC via IEEE 1394 “Firewire” interface
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