9105 Willtek Spectrum Analyzer


Additional Features:

  • Frequency: 4 GHz
  • Tracking generator option enables cable measurements in the field
  • Scalar network analysis (amplifier gain over frequency or filter characteristics) and antenna measurements
  • Prequalification for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) tests
  • Displayed average noise level at -117 dBm
  • Dynamic range of 70 dB
  • Portable, full-featured spectrum analyzer ranging from 100 kHz to 4 GHz
  • Exceptional 1 kHz resolution bandwidth (RBW)

The Willtek 9105 is a lab-quality spectrum analyzer equipped with CATV testing features. Best known for its small size and weight and unique display, the 9105 brings all of the enhanced test features of a laboratory spectrum analyzer into a smaller, portable package. This makes it ideal for the CATV market, specifically for headend technicians, and system or chief engineers.

The Willtek 9105 has a frequency range of 100 kHz to 4 GHz and a resolution bandwidth (RBW) of an exceptional 1 kHz. It is small in size and weight, with a large, bright display and easy-to-use menu structure.

More Information
Frequency4 GHz
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