9120A BK Precision DC Power Supply

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The 9120A is a 96 W, 32 V, 3 A DC Power Supply from BK Precision. Supplies DC Voltage and Current to test, design, and troubleshoot electric and electronic circuits. Applications include Burn In, QA, ATE, Research, Design, and Education to name a few.

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Additional Features:

  • Output Ratings: 96 W, 32 V, 3 A
  • Excellent display resolution
  • Fast transient response time (< 150 µs)
  • SCPI compatible
  • Communicate via USB Interface, using included USB to TTL serial converter cable
  • Closed case calibration
  • Compact size for bench use or rack mountable (2U x 1/2U size)
  • DVM and Milliohm Meter
  • Discrete Fault Indicator/Remote Inhibit (DFI/RI). Useful for turning multiple power supplies On/Off simultaneously
  • Application Software for front panel emulation and simple test sequence generation included
  • Sheathed banana plug terminals for safety

  • List mode operation for increased throughput. Download and execute command sequences from non-volatile memory

  • Accessories Supplied: User manual, power line cord, IT-E131 RS232 to TTL serial converter cable, IT-E132 USB to TTL serial converter cable, Software Installation disk
  • One-Year Warranty

The BK Precision 9120A 0-32V/0-3A Single Output Programmable DC Power Supply is a compact, laboratory grade power supply well suited for applications in design, production or use in university labs.

The BK Precision 9120A provides clean and reliable power, high resolution and accuracy combined with fast transient response times and excellent temperature stability.

Front Panel Operation

The numeric keys and rotary knob provide a convenient interface for setting output levels quickly and precisely. Voltage and Current can be set to a maximum resolution of 0.5mV (2mV for 9124) and 0.1mA respectively. Up to 50 parameters can be stored and recalled from internal memory.

Remote Interface

The power supplies can be remotely controlled from any PC with USB or RS232 interface, allowing the user to program and monitor all parameters through easy to use SCPI commands. The power supplies come with a RS232 to TTL serial converter cable and a USB to TTL serial converter cable. Additionally, model 9123A can be controlled via GPIB interface and includes a GPIB to TTL conversion adapter cable.

Extra Features

The 9120 series’ digital port offers a variety of configurations. The port can operate in Digital I/O, external Trigger and DFI/RI (Discrete Fault Indicator/Remote Inhibit) mode. The RI feature can be used for turning several power supplies On/Off simultaneously. External triggering can be used in combination with List mode.

The included Application Software supports front panel emulation and allows users to generate simple test sequences without the need to write source code. Additionally, the power supply comes with a built-in 5 1/2 digit DVM and high resolution milliohm meter supporting 4 wire measurements.

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