951I Vitrek HiPot



  • 6KV AC/DC/IR/LR Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer
  • Highest Level of Operator Safety
  • High Power Output
  • Wide Range of built-in Voltage Capabilities
  • The Fastest Hipot Testers available
  • Expansive Test Sequence Memory
  • Ground Bond Test Capability
  • 4-Wire Milli-Ohmmeter Function
  • Built-in Phase Angle Measurement
  • Multi-Dwell Functionality
  • Ramp High/Dwell Low Current Limits
  • LAN/Ethernet, USB Print, RS232, Digital I/O & Scanner Control - All Standard Interfaces
  • High Voltage Scanner Control
  • Dual Dimensional / Test Specific / Broadband Arc Detection
  • Hard Copy Test Report, Ethernet and GPIB


  • 6KV AC/DC/IR/LR Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer
  • TL-209
  • Power Cord
  • Operating Manual


  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 29 mm × 26 mm × 156 mm (1.1 in × 1.0 in × 6.1 in)
  • Flashlight: Yes

Speed and power go hand in hand, the 6.5KVDC models offer 50mA of source current for DC Hipot-providing the power you need to rapidly charge and discharge challenging DUTs. Models are also available with DC hipot up to 11KV and 15KV. Most of the 95X series also offer 50mA of sourcing for AC hipot, but for heavier AC loads the 95X can be configured to source up to 100mA or even as much as 200mA. For higher AC hipot voltages the 95X can generate up to 10KV internally and all models are available with an external 30KVAC hipot option.


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