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A6902A Tektronix Probe

The A6902A is a probe from Tektronix. Probes can use pulse waveforms to test components without removing them from circuits with in-circuit capabilities.

Additional Features:

  • Dc to 20 MHz Bandwidth
  • Two Independently Isolated Channels High Voltage/High CMRR
  • UL Certified to 3000 V/Channel (6000 V Maximum Channel Differential)
  • VOE Certified to 1500 V/Channel (3000 V Maximum Channel Differential)

A dual-channel, optical-and transformer-coupled voltage isolator, the Tektronix A6902A allows safely grounded test instruments to make floating measurements at high sensitivity levels in the presence of large common-mode signals.

The A6902A acts as a buffer between the test instrument and the system under test and extends the range of the test instrument to VDE to 1500 V (dc plus peak ac) with the larger industrial probe and to 500 V (dc plus peak ac) with the smaller signal probe. Both probes are quickly interchangeable at the cable connectors. The two pairs of probes and output cables are stored in removable side pouches for availability and convenience.

Designed for use with any dual-channel oscilloscope, the A6902A permits simultaneous observation of two signals at two different points in the same circuit; or signals in two different circuits without respect to common lead voltages.

The two channels can also be combined to function as an input to a differential amplifier.

Separate, calibrated controls for volts per division on each channel provide for precise floating measurements. The all-plastic case and external controls protect the user during control settings and other operations. Other than probe tip connections, the user is never in close proximity to hazardous voltages.

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