ADG-P-200-150 Preen DC Power Supply

The ADG-P-200-150 is a 30 kW DC power supply from Preen. Supplies DC Voltage and Current to test, design, and troubleshoot electric and electronic circuits. Applications include Burn In, QA, ATE, Research, Design, and Education to name a few.
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Additional Features:

  • Output Power: 30kW
  • Output Voltage: 200V
  • Output Current: 150A
  • Programmable
  • Compact & High Power Density
  • Low Ripple & High Regulation
  • Multiple Simulation Functions
  • Fast Transient Response Time: ≤4~12ms
  • Intuitive Touch Screen HMI
  • Wide output voltage range: with maximum voltage up to 200V, ideal for renewable energy, smart grid, and Electric Vehicle (EV) related applications
  • High Efficiency and Power Factor: up to 90% efficiency and power factor
  • High Output Power: up to 100kW in one chassis with high power density
  • Standard RS485 interface with Modbus compatibility and optional RS232 and GPIB interfaces
  • CV and CC Modes
  • Programming Sequence Function: STEP and GRADUAL modes allow users to easily set sequences of start/ end voltage, run time and current for testing purposes. 
  • 4.7” Touch Screen Display for Easy Operation
  • Remote Sense for Line Drop Compensation 
  • Comprehensive Protection: Input OVP/UVP, output OVP/OCP, OTP


  • Input Voltage: 3 Phase, 3 Wire+G; 380 VAC / 400 VAC / 415 VAC / 440 VAC / 480 VAC ±10%, 3Φ
  • Input Frequency: 47 Hz - 63 Hz
  • Input Power Factor: > 0.9 at maximum power
  • Efficiency: ≥ 87%~90% at max. power
  • Voltage Regulation: < 0.1%~0.3
  • Voltage Ripple (rms): ≤ 0.26%
  • Voltage Noise (p-p): ≤ 2%
  • Voltage Slew Rate: ≤ 60ms
  • Voltage & Current Measurement Accuracy: <0.5% FS
  • Voltage & Current Resolution: 0.1V / 0.1A
  • Remote Interface: RS-485 (Opt: GPIB / RS-232)
  • Protection: Vin OVP, Vin UVP, OVP, OCP, OTP
  • OVP Adjustment Range: 5%-115% from front panel
  • OVP Accuracy: 1% of full-scale output
  • OCP Adjustment Range: 5%-115% from front panel
  • OCP Accuracy: 1% of full-scale output
  • Remote Sense Limits: 3% maximum voltage drop from output to load (For models ≤1000 Vdc)
  • Operating Temperature: 0°~40°
  • Storage Temperature: -20°~70°
  • Isolation: Input to Enclosure 2000Vac
  • Dimensions:
  • The output voltage 40V~100V model: 30~50kW: 1050x600x800/41.4x23.7x31.5
  • The output voltage 200V~1600V model: 75~100kW: 1520×600×800/59.9x23.7x31.5
  • For 75~100kW, please contact us for details
  • Weight might be different due to option features or different input voltage, please contact us for detail


  • Component Testing
  • Electric Vehicle
  • IT Industry
  • EMC Testing
  • Renewable Energy/EV
  • Battery Testing
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Research and Compliance Labs
  • Server Industry

Preen’s ADG series is a programmable DC power supply with high power density and high output power, offering great response time, high accuracy and many output voltage and current combinations. With its high performance, ADG series is applied to industries of EV, aerospace, renewable energy, server and battery for R&D testing, quality burning test, or facility power.

With output power up to 100kW per unit, the ADG series offers output voltage up to 1600V and output current up to 2000A. Users can select standard RS-485 interface or optional RS-232 and GPIB. The STEP and GRADUAL modes allow easy setup on test sequence. Depending on CV/CC settings and load conditions, ADG series can operate as a current or voltage source. Its remote sensing feature can effectively reduce voltage drop caused by cable length and provides more flexibility on installation.

User-friendly HMI

ADG series has an intuitive touch screen HMI for easy operation and data display. Users also can easily set up voltage or current variation simulations through the built-in programmable functions in the touch screen.

Fast Transient Response

When output current demand changes rapidly in a large range, the output voltage will decrease or increase significantly in a short period of time. This type of current change sometimes affect the performance of EUT or test results. Having transient response time smaller than 4~12ms, ADG series can fast regulate output voltage to set voltage and minimize the effects to EUT.

Multiple Simulation Modes

STEP and GRADUAL modes allow users to easily set sequences of start / end voltage, run time and current for different testing purposes, or users can contact us to customize different simulation. The standard RS485 interface with Modbus protocol helps increase the length of communication. Optional RS232 and GPIB interfaces are also available.

High Output Voltage + Current = Different Applications

The Preen ADG series has 12 output voltage ranges and 41 models for different industries and applications. ADG series has many output voltage ranges suitable for different market applications. Models over 640V output voltage are applicable for renewable energy, EV, and lithium battery industries. When it comes to circuit breakers, contactors or fuses that require high voltage or current, models with 2000A or 1600V can fulfill the power demands of this type of component testing. The 400V or 320V models can be applied to server related applications due to the increased needs for high voltage DC in data centers.

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